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Jason Genova: Up ‘n’ Coming Shows

Jason Genova1 214x300 Jason Genova LatestJason Genova competes in 2 shows a year and is 14 weeks out from his latest contest in Hialeah on Nov. 27/28, which he is getting lean for. He is currently weighing tipping the scales at 200lbs and hopes to come in at 185lbs, 4% body fat for his light heavy weight class division. I think he would need to come in at about 160lbs-165lbs to get really ripped, but we will see. Jason hopes to get his IFBB pro card by the time he turns 30 and move to California.

He’s solid, but from the looks of it he’s obviously still eating way too many calories for his body weight though. If he’s on a calorie deficit (which he should) he ought to be a lot more peeled by now. Maybe there’s some other medical issues? I mean, Jason Genova is now getting Skip LaCour to do his contest prep so there’s no excuse.

Jason Genova Becomes Aerobics Instructor/Personal Trainer

In this Jason Genova video Jason shows how he successfully earned his personal training certificate, achieving 83% on the ACE certification. He is now offering personal training services to his fans at a 50% discounted price of only $15/hour. He also offers contest prep as well to bodybuilders. Check out his Facebook page for more information.

Jason Genova Starring in Wrestling Film!

Jason is particpating in a low budget independant film in Philadelphia! He will be leaving in August 18th, returning on the 22nd this year and is going to be learning choreography for the part. Jason is a great entertainer so I see this as a good move for him. In other news Jason Genova also has his own T-Shirt company coming out soon and will be in Las Vegas where he hopes to train with Jay Cutler in September.

Jason Genova: Did He Compete in Nov?

Jason Genova Competition History

Jason Genova9 237x300 Jason Genova: Did He Compete in Nov?Jason Genova has generated a lot of talk on the bodybuilding forums as to whether or not he actually competed in November ’09. There was even a thread on the MD Boards put up calling Jason a pathological liar! Others stated he was a no-show. So which is it? What happened? And did he show up? In this post I clear up the rumors.

Did Jason Genova Show Up?

Jason successfully achieved 5th in his light heavy weight class in November 14, 2009 at Dwyer high school. His preparation involved 3 hours/day of posing practice and his fans turned up to see him compete at his morning show. There were 30 competitors in total their. I’ve included a link to the Jason Genova posing routine for those who were not at the show and for proof.

Some trolls stated that he didn’t even show. It was even stated by one member that the medal was a fake. He/she commented that it was apparently purchased from a souvenier shop, but I couldn’t find any information proving this to be true however… Others questioned the 5th placing, Ron Harris being one. He stated that the score sheets were not produced and that he was not really in the contest. Jason however rebutted by stating he was really in the contest, and the judges simply screwed up the scoresheets. In this Jason Genova responds to Ron Harris video he even went as far as to say that Ron uses anabolic steriods. Ron previously called Jason out because he said that he didn’t take it seriously on the MD boards.

Jason Genova: What’s Next?

Jason talked of doing a show on March 16 before the Nationals this year and on June 4 in Palm Beach Gardens, however I have not been able to find more information on this to confirm or deny if he participated. Jason Genova also has a show in Palm Beach Gardens on November 27/28 of this year which he is cutting for and may also be competing in Hialeah, Florida. He is weighing in at 207 lbs currently and got his body fat tested at FAU which was 14%. I think he’s closer to 20%, but if these pics are anything to go by Jason has leaned up.

Jason Genova Haters

People complain that he is bloated from water retention, that he still has a high body fat count and that he doesn’t work out. I think it’s more to do with a lack of cardio and diet, but Skip LaCour is now in his corner and set up a diet plan for him. He’s also an endo which makes it easy to get big, but difficult to get really cut. There has been noticeable improvements lately however since he first began approximately 2 years ago. And he makes reference to taking Cellucor’s P6 testosterone booster in Jason Genova heads to downtown Delray & hits the gym!! so he is obviously starting to get the advice he should have been getting at the beginning. I also like how he’s now doing running in his videos instead of just walking on a treadmill for his cardio, so I hope to see a big reduction in his body fat. I’d love to see Jason Genova walk on the stage shredded at 4% body fat and 160-165 lbs one day.

Jason Genova Trains With Skip LaCour!

Jason Genova Gets Coached by Skip LaCour!

Jason Genova10 196x300 Jason Genova Trains With Skip LaCour!Jason Genova was previously getting prepped from a young 16 year old kid named Jonathan from Minnesota, but Skip LaCour is now in his corner and has given him a training. Jason travelled to Musclemania in Miami to meet Skip to help him improve his physique. In this post I’m going to show you what he learned during his training session their.

What Did Jason Genova Learn?

In his earlier videos I noticed that Jason would train various muscle groupls in one session, but he’s stopped that now. Skip taught Jason Genova to train just one or two body parts per session and leave it a week until he blasted them again to give them the maximum time for recovery and build muscle. Skip taught him to lower his rep range and use heavier weights, leaving a 2-3 minutes beween sets. He also introduced him to targetting specific muscle groups so he gets the best from his training sessions and doesn’t get imbalanced. In the past Jason was using various groups of muscle to do the lifting.

Jason tends to only work his legs one day (on a Tuesday) and no other muscle group on that day, which is probably why he has got such impressive calves and quads. Therfore, Skip didn’t feel he needed to give any advice here since his main weakness is his upper body. To combat this, Skip introduced him to wrist straps for barbell rows, so the weight stays more focused on the back. Jason was also advised to keep his elbows tucked in and augment his grip so his chest does the work when using the bench press. In the past Jason Genova had a tendency to use to other parts when doing his impressive 325 lbs lifts. Jason was also given advice when doing side lateral raises with dumbbells to develop the outer side of his shoulders and arms.

His other flaw which I noticed when watching his videos is that he doesn’t seem to have any negative resistance or squeeze the muscle on any movements, especially dumbbell curls. Neither does he have much peaks in his biceps due to his form. Skip taught him to improve his curls by again keeping his elbows tucked in closer to his body and to stop the jerky movements to help combat this. In my next article on Jason Genova I will show his competition history.

Jason Genova Diet

Jason Genova – What Does He Eat?

Jason Genova is one of those few people that really knows what they want from life. He has a dream, which might take years to achieve, but he’s getting there. That goal is to become a pro bodybuilder. Not just an average bodybuilder, but the best there is. It’s a hard road, but someone has to walk it. And Jason is willing to do whatever it takes to achieve greatness.  In this post I’m going to show you what Jason eats and drinks to achieve his mass.

Jason Genova11 194x300 Jason Genova DietWhilst working out in Delray Fitness, Jason Genova drinks at least a gallon of crystal geyser water to make sure he’s hydrated and to keep his kidneys happy. Before going to the gym he likes to have an AriZona Energy drink for its caffeine content. For supplements he uses Clean Whey and stays away from synthetic products and steroids, because he believes that natural bodybuilding is the way to go. In fact, he’s anti-steroids and believes you will die early if you take them.

Jason Genova Diet Plan Below!

At the beginning his bodybuilder career, 2 years ago, Jason Genova would eat 24 egg whites/day with oatmeal. 3 to 3 ½ hours later he would have 2 cans of brocollo with sweet potatos and asparagus. Before and after a workout he would have a meal replacement shake. He also liked to each cooked cornish game hen for its protein.

Jason Genova12 300x153 Jason Genova Diet

However, after getting advice from 6 times national champion bodybuilder Skip LaCour Jason has now transformed his diet by eating 8 meals a day, as well as meal replacement shakes. He has cited Richard Gaspari’s Superpump 250 as his favorite pre-workout supplement He eats every 2 hours to ensure that his metabolism is revved up and constantly burning calories.  I’ve included the Jason Genova diet below for other fans:

Breakfast: 6 egg whites, 1 bowl of Oats with cinnamon, Broccoli Florets and 1 tbsp Flaxseed;

2 hours later: Meal Replacement Shake;

2 hours later: 4-6 oz StarKist Tuna with 1 tbsp Flaxseed Oil and Broccoli Florets;

2 hours later: Meal Replacement Shake;

2 hours later: 4-6 oz StarKist Tuna with 1 tbsp Flaxseed Oil and Broccoli Florets;

2 hours later: Meal Replacement Shake;

2 hours later: 4-6 oz StarKist Tuna with 1 tbsp Flaxseed Oil and Broccoli Florets or Tilapia;

2 hours later: Meal Replacement Shake.

Jason Genova Cheat Days

Jason saves his cheat meals for the weekends where he’ll eat what he likes. He goes to McDonalds once or twice a month where he will stock up on carbs to give his metabolism a little boost. He has a Big Mac, Double Cheeseburger, Chicken Sandwiches, a Mcflurry, and maybe some Oatmeal Cookies. Other than that he is committed to his diet plan, getting up at 5 am every day, making sure he’s in the gym between 6am and 8am for his cardio and strength training, eating his first meal at 6am or 7am. He stays committed by not smoking or drinking. nor does he party. Stay tuned for more Jason Genova information I have found.

Jason Genova – Is He Serious?

Jason Genova – A Man With A Dream  

Jason Genova1 277x300 Jason Genova   Is He Serious?Jason Genova has a dream. And like all men with a dream he hopes to someday see that dream turn into reality. That dream is to eventually become one of the greatest bodybuilders the world has ever seen and outdo all the competition that stands in his way. He also intends to be a wrestler in the WWE and go on to make films like Arnold did. Quite a big goal…and one that he thinks he’ll achieve. In my first post I’m going to give you a look into the background of Jason.

Jason Genova – Semi UFC Fighter

Growing up in North Ridge California, Jason Genova grew up enjoying quite a few hobbies, including one that saw him become a semi pro UFC fighter. In one season he won 20 matches and lost 5/6. Unfortunately, he had his teeth knocked out in one fight with a 200lb fighter, so decided to stop and focus his efforts on bodybuilding, just like his Father did in the 70′s. In fact, it was him who influenced Jason the most and this was the reason he got into the sport, soon after his Father won Mr. America.

Jason Genova – Warrior Training

Jason Genova2 131x300 Jason Genova   Is He Serious?Balance is important as well. Jason does stretching and martial arts training on the side to keep himself flexible and agile. He has a red belt after studying for 2 years in Karate. Through hard training he’s reached a point where he can do splits, flying kicks and cartwheels with ease. He can do 30-40 minutes of cardio a day. One thing is having the strength, another – knowing how to use it. And Jason Genova knows how to.

Jason Genova – Calves ‘n’ Quads!

In fact, if you watch his first youtube video you’ll see he has lots of confidence. He says he’s got more heart than any of the other bodybuilders out there. But heart is just the beginning of where he shines. His body is one lean mean muscle machine. Yes, he can back up the big talk with those calves and quads! If anybody can beat the competition into submission, it’s Jason Genova.

Jason Genova – The Little Arnold

I guess everybody needs a hero. Well, he couldn’t have picked better ones which include Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lou Ferrigno and current Mr. Olympia, Jay Cutler. There is no arguing that these 3 are among the greatest of all time. I personally got a chuckle out of his Arnold pose. And unlike these guys Jason intends to become the best naturally. This is something very few bodybuilders do.

If you listen to him you can hear the confidence in his voice. He take this seriously. In fact some say he’s a little too cocky. I guess part of making it in this world is having an attitude. He has plenty of that. In fact, Jason flat out says (and I’m paraphrasing here), that he’s better than you and you suck. That’s what I like – straight up and to the point. And if that isn’t enough, now only 26, he’s going to be a pro bodybuilder by the time he’s in his 30′s. Yes…Jason Genova IS the real deal.

Dedication can help you achieve whatever you have set out to. Jason has his mind on his goal 24/7 – to become a bodybuilding champion, to show the haters and everyone that he is indeed capable of achieving something significant. He’s giving it his best shot. One day everyone in the body building community will know the name of Jason Genova.